Setting Up Student Email

Setting Up Student Email
Posted on 04/15/2020
This week, letters were mailed home to students' parents/guardians regarding setting up student emails in Finley.  The priority of our school district as well as the state is to make sure that students are safe and fed. We are assuring this is happening through frequent connections with teachers and through bus routes delivering food every day.

We are now trying to put more emphasis on education and providing quality learning for Finley students through the remainder of the school year. In order for that to happen, we need a way to connect with students through technology on a regular basis in the weeks to come. We have set up all students with their very own Finley School District email account.  We're asking parents and guardians to take the time to help their student(s) get onto a computer, log in with the student's Finley email address, and send an email to their teachers. This will help us get closer to our goal of assessing student's access to technology at home.

Link in the Finley district website to student email accessFinley students can access their school email from the home page of the Finley School District or any of their school websites. Just click on the STUDENT EMAIL link in the main navigation menu. 

Make sure to follow the steps outlined in the letter sent home to your family. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact your child's school or the district office at 586-3217.  We are looking forward to more opportunities to educate students through technology.