COVID Dashboard

In coordination with the Benton-Franklin Health District (BFHD), Finley School District is providing this COVID-19 Data Dashboard to inform parents, students, staff and the community about confirmed positive cases throughout our school district. We will update this dashboard on a weekly basis as new information is available. For current case counts and the most up-to-date information in our county, please visit the BFHD Case Count webpage HERE. (NOTE: Click through to pg. 2 of the graph to view the latest 14-day rate per 100K people). COVID-19 Positive Data reported includes enrolled students and staff who are physically present in the building(s) or on school grounds in any capacity, including in-person learning, hybrid learning, etc.

Finley School District COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Date Reported


Classroom or Building
Closure Required?

Staff Tested

Students Tested

 10/31/2020  River View High School   No    1 
 11/5/2020  River View High School   No  1  1
 11/6/2020   River View High School   No     1
 11/10/2020  District Office  No  1
 11/10/2020  Finley Elementary School   Yes - All 1st Grade Students (Cohort A and B). Students scheduled to return to school 11/23/20.  1  
 11/12/2020  River View High School   No     1 
 11/15/2020  Finley Elementary School  No 1  
 11/16/2020  River View High School   No    1
 11/16/2020  Finley Elementary School  No    1
 11/24/2020  Finley Middle school  No    1
 11/26/2020  Finley Elementary School  No  1  
 11/27/2020  River View High School  No    1
 11/30/20  Finley Elementary School  No    1
 11/30/2020  Finley Middle School  No    1
 12/5/20   Finley Elementary School  No 1  
  12/7/20  Finley Elementary School   No 1  
12/7/20  Finley Middle School  No    1
 12/8/20  Finley Elementary School  No  1  
 12/14/2020 Finley Middle School  No    1
 12/31/2020 Finley Middle School   No  1  
 1/3/2021 River View High School  No    1
TOTAL CONFIRMED CASES (Beginning 10/5/2020)  9  13